Flyhawk Model New Release of October



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    Flyhawk Model New Release of October

    Post  flyhawkmodel on Tue Oct 19, 2010 5:04 am

    Products Number Item Name
    FH 700036 Japanese heavy Cruiser Maya (For Aoshima) (12pieces)
    FH 700077 Japanese 100mm Metal Barrel (8pieces)
    FH 700129 Handrail and ladder (1piece)
    FH 700164 Bofors Shield Base (1piece)
    FH 700167 USN Aircraft Carrier Saratoga (6pieces)
    FH 700184 WWII Japanese Bridge Windows (1piece)
    FH 700209 IJN Aircraft Carrier Ryujo Deck (4pieces)
    FH 700219 WWII IJN Aircraft II (2pieces)
    (IJN Carrier Fighter Type90,IJN Carrier Attack Bomber Type13 Model12 )
    FH 700220 WWII IJN Aircraft III(Type94 Reconnaissance Seaplane E7K2 (2pieces)
    Type95 Reconnaissance Seaplane E8N1,Type0 Reconnaissance Seaplane E13A1,Type0 Observation Seplane F1M2)
    FH 700221 WWII IJN Aircraft IV (2pieces)
    IJN Zero Fighter Type21,IJN Type99 Carrier Dive Bomber,IJN Type97 Torpedo Bomber)
    FH 700240 Japanese Crane I (6pieces)
    FH 710016 USN DESTROYRE Monssen (FOR DRAGON) (3pieces)
    FH 350034 RN'' 15 Metal Barrel (8pieces)
    FH 350035 4.7in QF Mk XII Guns in Twin CPXIX Mounting (8pieces
    FH 350060 German Radar I (1piece)
    FH 350061 German Radar II (1piece)

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