DORA dio in 1/35 ... impressive sbs

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    DORA dio in 1/35 ... impressive sbs

    Post  iCocker on Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:55 am

    Personally not a big fan of mammoth dioramas but have to say there artists out there that make it work ... the DORA is already a collossal beast in 1/35 and creating such a surrounding with all those little stories yet connecting is just wonderful, the same artist is now doing another 2m connection ... check his work in progress, have to admire that all subjects are really well painted and weathered, not a norm to keep such a balance on such a massive job especially done by one man ... what impress me is that the DORA though one think is the focal point due to it's size he managed to work it as a background canvas to what is being done around it ...

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