NorthFront 39-44; Hurricane Mk.II 78th IAP-SF, ARK 1/48 - done


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    NorthFront 39-44; Hurricane Mk.II 78th IAP-SF, ARK 1/48 - done

    Post  dewertus on Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:35 am

    This time I would like to present you a first form pair of Hurricanes which I finish yesterday - Hawker Hurricane Mk.II Trop form 78th IAP-SF flown by Lt. Dimitrij Amosov, Vayenga Air Base - winter 1941/42.

    RAF 151 Wing, consisting of two Hurricane-equipped squadrons, 81 and 134 Sqns, was dispatched to Russia by sea in mid-August 1941 as Force Benedict, with a total of 40 Hurricane Mk.IIB fighters. 24 Hurricanes were loaded aboard the escort carrier HMS Argus, from which they took off to Vayenga 7 September. Meanwhile convoy had arrived in Arkhangelsk 31 August with 16 Hurricanes in crates, which were assembled at the AF base in Keg-Ostrov from where the aircraft departed to Vayenga between 12 and 16 September. As the Northern Fleet AF had only 48 obsolete Soviet fighters (I-153, I-16 and I-15bis) at its disposal at that moment, the arrival of the Hurricanes provided an eagerly needed and significant reinforcement of the defence of Murmansk and the naval bases in the region.

    151 Wing performed its first operational sortie from Vayenga 12 September claiming three Bf 109Es and one Hs 126 damaged over Petsamo for the loss of Sgt N.Smith in Z3746. 151 Wing claimed 11 Bf 109 and 3 Ju 88 shot down during its short stay in northern Russia, with only one total loss. By 22 October the remaining 36 Hurricanes had been transferred to the Soviets.

    14 October 1941 78 IAP (commanded by B.F.Safonov) was formed to receive the 36 serviceable 151 Wing Hurricanes. In March 1942 the Hurricanes with pilots were transferred from 78 IAP to Safonov's old regiment (which meanwhile, 18 January 1942 had been elevated to Guards status as 2 GSAP). 2 GSAP, now commanded by Safonov received gradually more Hurricanes and P-40s (both Tomahawk and Kittyhawk) from arriving convoys.

    The Z3768 (ex RAF FKo49) was assigned to the Lt. Dimitrii Amosov, one of many Northern Fleet pilots, who grow on ace under Safonov influence. Amosov having completed flying school in December 1940 and been sent to 72 SAP-SF, he was amongst the cadre of pilots who transferred to 78 IAP-SF in October 1941 and were then posted back to 2 GIAP_SF in March 1942. Amosov shot down a BF-109 during the 30 May clash (last fight of Safonov over PQ-16 convoy escort air battle), but moments later his P-40 was bounced by a Bf-110 and he was forced to bail out. He enjoyed better luck then Safonov, however as he was plucked from the ice water by escort ship.

    By the spring of 1944 Amosov had attained the rank of captain and been given command of a squadron within the P-39 equipped 255 IAP-SF. On 11 May, while escorting torpedo-bombers, his P-39 was hit by flak and Amosov crashed his stricken fighter into German ship and he was killed. By the time of his death he had completed 231 stories and scored nine victories, all of them whilst flying lend-lease aircraft (Hurricane, P-40, P-39).

    I built model from a set provided by ARK ... I heard that this is a copy of the Hasegawa – but for me it’s a copy of copy took from very poor homemade copy Shocked . Anyway, this model looks barely tolerably in a box, cut out parts from the frames and to attempt to fit them together exposes the coming horror. The term "fit" does not apply here - files, putty, polystyrene belts and sandpaper was a main tools. I strongly recommend (for mental health) bonding model during the absence of other family members – you will often use offensive vocabulary ... When I was watching the molding before buying, I was knew that it would not be easy - but reality was devastating affraid . Why, against so many flaws, I decided to buy it - for the few, but very strong advantages: the model allows you to build one of the following versions: Mk.I, Mk.I Trop, Mk.II, Mk.II Trop, SeaHurricane IA, SeaHurricane IB, PR), has an interesting decals (version WWS), and it was cheap - ~12$.

    Gaps between fuselage and the wings was from each side by a good 1.5 - 2 mm – I fulfill them by adding a polystyrene strips, a strange fault in both halves of the fuselage before the horizontal stabilizer also miss on a good 2mm. Gluing the upper and lower parts of wings took a few days and was a real "alpine combination". Propeller assembly according to instruction is impossible - without the interference gap between fuselage and propeller is 2-3mm. Propeller itself also requires intervention of file, hole fixing the position of the propeller blades are not useful (they are moved against proper position)…

    Model was painted using airbrush with Agama acrylic paint and varnish. Decals from ARK sheet, but for protection I additional secure them using Microsclae decal fluid, of course during application on model they were supported by Mr. MarkSofter. Wash done with the MIG's dark and neutral wash, exhaust smokes were applied VanGhog oils (for professional painters). Scratches is a mix of Humbrol 11 laying through dry brush technique and silver crayons.

    I'm not entirely happy with this model - staining did not work out like I wanted, also irritates me the frame glass which were jagged during removing the masking.

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    Re: NorthFront 39-44; Hurricane Mk.II 78th IAP-SF, ARK 1/48 - done

    Post  bcauchi on Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:06 pm

    Nice work, just one small comment. Flatten the tyres a bit they need to have some weight on them.

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    Re: NorthFront 39-44; Hurricane Mk.II 78th IAP-SF, ARK 1/48 - done

    Post  Wayne on Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:09 pm

    bcauchi wrote:Nice work, just one small comment. Flatten the tyres a bit they need to have some weight on them.

    I agree. But other than that great work!


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    Re: NorthFront 39-44; Hurricane Mk.II 78th IAP-SF, ARK 1/48 - done

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