Korea 1950-53 - Yak-9M KPAFAC, SIGNUM 1/48


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    Korea 1950-53 - Yak-9M KPAFAC, SIGNUM 1/48

    Post  dewertus on Thu Aug 16, 2012 11:37 pm

    Yak-9M KPAFAC, North Korea / China border - Spring 1951.

    The first meeting of North Korean pilots with planes of Yakowlev already took place in 1946. In the half-year Russians delivered the first batch of Yak-s 7 (training) Yak’s-9U / P (combat). The forming of North Korean aviation was carried out based on flying clubs where Soviet were stationed (Pyongyang, Sinuiju, Hamhung, Chonjin and Huer Ne). It is highly probable, that Russians left the old airplanes to new owners - it can be a explanation for information about Yak’s-3 and early versions of "nines" in North Korean aviation.

    According to various sources in the moment of the attack on Sourh Korea on the DPRK AF state (KPAFAC) was 70 to 120 Yak-s 9 (in the straight majority in the version U and P). From very beginning "nines" intensively were used in battle flights: mainly as the escort of Il- 10, they have at least equally often been pointed for ground attacks, mainly to airports. With the whole Korean War UN pilots reported the 29 of shooting down Yak-s 9.

    The best North Korean pilot - Kim Gi Ok was the first successes piloting Yak-9. In literature he most often assigns to him oneself 9 victories, at least supposedly after partial making available Chinese and Korean archives managed to verify some notifications and after all their number rose to 17. Behind the service and successes in the fight against the imperialism on 15.01.1951 received the title of the DPRK Hero.

    On Yak-9 KPAFAC pilots were shot down four UN aircrafts:
    12-Jul-1950: B-29A BuNo 44-69866
    12-Jul-1950: L-4
    19-Jul-1950: F-80C Howard E. Odell - MIA
    28-Sep-1950: F-51D BuNo 525
    and damaged or destroyed on ground:
    26.06.1950: 1 x C-54 destroyed 7 out of 16 ROKAF trainers destroyed
    28.06.1950: 1 x F-82 1 x B-26 1 x C-54 destroyed on ground
    29.06.1950: 1 x C-54 destroyed on ground
    12.07.1950: 1 x B-26 damaged
    15.07.1950: 1 x B-26 damaged
    20.07.1950: 1x B-29 damaged
    23.08.1950: damaged British destroyer
    15.01.1951: attacks na B-26s; no results

    My model isn't presenting typical for DPRK AF version U/P but the version M which was send to Korea in 1951 and in 1952. They were delivered as quick Soviet response on urgent need of rebuilding North Korean aviation after the massacre in the end of 1950. The “M” was used as a advanced training aircraft (Yak-9P and La-9/11 was used as combat aircrafts). They were used to protection airbases and for night interception as well. I didn’t find confirmed information about combat use of Yak-9M, but several times UN pilots reported fights and shooting of Yak-s 9D – a god exaplmple is such meetings 21 April 1951 by the two F4U-5 from VMF-312 were fight with the four Yak’s. As a result of the dogfight plane capt. Phillip DeLong was damaged seriously, but Marines pilots reported three shooting down and one damage.

    I made the model from the SIGNUM Jak-9 set in scale 1/48. Painted with airbrush and Agama varnishes and acrylics. Wash is a mix of MIG’s Dark and Natural Wash. Exhaust stain made with brush and oil of van Gogh (RAW UMBER). Decals come from the very old and unknown for me Il-28 model. First time I were used LIQUID DECAL FILM to secure old decals - I liked this invention very much.

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    Re: Korea 1950-53 - Yak-9M KPAFAC, SIGNUM 1/48

    Post  bcauchi on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:35 pm

    Lovely work Hubert, crisp and clean and thanks for the interesting background writeup.
    in nannu pec
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    Re: Korea 1950-53 - Yak-9M KPAFAC, SIGNUM 1/48

    Post  in nannu pec on Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:20 pm

    lovely work Hubert....agrre with Brian...nicely finished model...
    in nannu
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    Re: Korea 1950-53 - Yak-9M KPAFAC, SIGNUM 1/48

    Post  skyhigh on Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:38 pm

    in nannu pec wrote:lovely work Hubert....agrre with Brian...nicely finished model...
    in nannu

    Make it X3 welldone Hubert.... cheers
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    Re: Korea 1950-53 - Yak-9M KPAFAC, SIGNUM 1/48

    Post  matilda on Sun Oct 21, 2012 11:49 am

    i always tough that yak fighters are the most nicest of all ww2 aircraft.
    you chose a good subject, interesting story and great executed work on this one.
    my only objection is on main landing gear wheels.
    detail of tire tread is too heavy for jak's wheels!
    other than that, is simply great.


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    Re: Korea 1950-53 - Yak-9M KPAFAC, SIGNUM 1/48

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