1940's Backpack (genuine)


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    1940's Backpack (genuine)

    Post  AdriaN on Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:24 am

    Its been a while since i last posted something or even entered this forum, in fact i havnt touched a model since 2011  Rolling Eyes  But i have taken an interest into collecting.  Wink  Idea 

    I thought of setting up a thread dedicated to memorabilia/collecting. I know they may have nothing to do with the art of modelling itself, but im sure it will interest many of you, and the subject still fall under history or include items we come across in modelling.

    My first post will be of a long forgotten, war time 70 year old army backpack (1940) which belonged to my grandpa. An item which i had been searching for for years and which i found just last weekend, hidden in our family sagrestia. The bag was very very very dirty, saturated with dust and full of white patches. Just laying a finger on it would drop off dust. Well, i dont think it was ever washed! The canvas material also turned very very stiff and hard.

    This weekend i took it outside in the sun, let it "breathe" and gave it a good "hoovering"! Apart from being cleaner, the khaki colour really came out, the material is much more flexible and those dust stains.. are gone!  cheers 

    Let the pictures speak for themselves
    : Laughing 

    Unfortunately the straps are missing  Crying or Very sad 

    H&S Ltd. 1940

    Initially i assumed this number was the manufacturing number! Out of curiosity i asked my grandpa what his index number was. He told me "41692". To my surprise the number printed was infact his very own index number, not manufacturing number! We were both excited to have found out this & this confirmed it belonged to him.

    Neither do i know what this means?  Crying or Very sad  Evil or Very Mad  scratch

    What this hand written "198" means? i dont know  Crying or Very sad  Evil or Very Mad  scratch 

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    Re: 1940's Backpack (genuine)

    Post  bcauchi on Mon Mar 31, 2014 6:37 am

    Nice poece, i had some ammo pouches which were very similar in manufacture and colour and also a gas mask pack. might actually find them one day and post the pics.
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    Re: 1940's Backpack (genuine)

    Post  iCocker on Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:21 pm

    Nice mate ... There is a group called Maltese command that re enact Ww2 Maltese regiment and they are very into the subject get in touch with them mate ... This weekend they were at MAnikata jahasra ...

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    Re: 1940's Backpack (genuine)

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