20% discount at JB Models


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    20% discount at JB Models Empty 20% discount at JB Models

    Post  Tancred on Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:50 pm

    December 9th... a date to remember, at least for JBModel.eu
    JBModel.eu celebrates second anniversary!!

    Over last 2 years JBModel had over 3'818'000 page openings. Few thousand of realised orders. Perhaps that number does not overwhelm some but we are happy even with that!
    We organized Shipreplica Exhibition, we went to numerous model events. And this is not our last word! We are just warming up!
    JBModel mind is perpetum mobile!

    Thank YOU ALL for all orders and trust!

    It has been a pleasure to send you goods and JBModel.eu hopes to be able to continue doing so to best of our abilities.

    Last year we did 10% special sale for all... that was 1st anniversary.
    Now we have 2nd... therefore we have to do ...

    20% discount for all throughout Dec 9th 2010.

    Offer is valid for 09 Dec 2010 - 0-24hrs CET.

    Please use discount coupon JBM2010 during check-out process.

    "Ghamel kollox bis-serjeta', imma tiehux kollox bis-serjeta"

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