Amati 1/10 Custer bust


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    Amati 1/10 Custer bust Empty Amati 1/10 Custer bust

    Post  slingshot392 on Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:06 am

    George Armstrong Custer originally gained fame during the Civil War in some very heated battles. After the Civil War, he was then sent to fight the Indians on the Great Plains. After numerous smaller battles, he gained everlasting fame in the unusually large battle at the Little Big Horn where he and all of his men were greatly outnumbered and all of them were killed. Because of the dry conditions in that area, the battlefield and surrounding area actually looks much the same as it did on that fateful day. A few years ago, there was a wildfire that took off all of the prairie grass which allowed them to do a archaeological dig and from everything they found, they were able to re-create the battle as it happened and even follow individual soldiers and Indians during their combat.

    I have always been a fan of the history of the West so I was happy to see this bust being offered in 1/10 scale. I purchased this off of eBay and the seller said it was discontinued, but I looked the company up which is from Italy and they are now being imported into the U. S. (and hopefully other countries) and they have a nice selection of busts and figures.

    Amati 1/10 Custer bust Amati_Custer_bust

    The figure is cast in two pieces, the base is one piece, and the figure is cast in one piece which I was very happy to see. I have had some other busts and usually at least the head in the upper arms were separate which can always lead to some extra work filling.

    The casting on both the base and the bust is beautifully done, I couldn't find one pinhole or seam anywhere, the only cleanup I could see is on the figure where it glues on to the base, there is a bit of a rectangular plug that needs to be removed. The figure is a very good likeness of Custer and the detail on his hair is nicely done, as is his uniform.

    There are no directions in the box, you'll need to use the box as a painting guide. They actually did a nice treatment of that with the box, the front of the box shows the front of Custer painted up , the back of the box shows the back of Custer so you can see both sides painted.

    On eBay, he said the list price was $14.95 and I got mine for $10. For the quality of the casting and the likeness, this is a great buy, especially considering the price of other busts in the 1/10-1/9 range. Highly recommended!
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    Amati 1/10 Custer bust Empty Re: Amati 1/10 Custer bust

    Post  bcauchi on Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:43 pm

    Looks really nice Brad, should look good all painted up.

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