Vintage airfix kits for sale


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    Vintage airfix kits for sale Empty Vintage airfix kits for sale

    Post  David on Tue May 04, 2010 9:53 pm

    Mr John Scerri an ex SSM member (early 80's) needs to clear his vintage airfix collection (Built) of mainl 1/32 automobiles 1/72 aircraft a 1/16 Ariel Arrow M/C

    If your interested pls contact John

    This is his email

    Dear Sir
    I am 54 years old . I have a rare collection of ready built and painted scale models dating back to between early 1950's to late 1960's.
    The makes I have are mainly LIFELIKE - AIRFIX-
    Models range from cars 1/32 , 1/24, aircraft, figurines, ships, minatures,motorbikes, birds, dinasaurs,
    I aim to sell everything as a lot or individually.
    I am doing this because I have no one to pass them on to and I wish that these models find a caring home.
    None of the models are spray painted but hand painted by me . I had won overall prize for best handpainted car( Mercedes 1939 roadster) way back in 1980 during a competition
    99% of them are in very good condition . Most are very rare to find.
    Just to mention a few : miniature cowboy horse and wagon on diorama, Henry the VIII ,Sir Lancelot, Richard the lionheart, Austin Healey, Zephyr 4, Triumph Herald, Mercedes 1939, Packard, Gladiator,WW2 double decker bus 1/32 scale (very nice), Spitfire, Messershmit, Queens Coach and horses and many more lovely pieces.
    They have always been kept in a showcase where the still are today . If you want I can send you a scanned image of the showcase containing the models .
    I do have a few unbuilt models still in box with original price and plastic bag : 1/24 scale airfix Aston Martin, a Yamaha Scrambler 1/16 scale I think, Titanic about 40cm long, Queen Elizabeth 1.
    Apart from this collection I have a collection of old postcards ealry 60's and before - about 1000 a few dating back 100years mainly foreign. I also have a few old Malta postcards .
    If any of your members are interested to buy please contact me on 99430052.
    Rest assured that whoever buys this collection will not regret the money spent.
    Kind regards
    John Scerri

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