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    Let's foresee SMS LUZOW limited version Empty Let's foresee SMS LUZOW limited version

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    Let's foresee SMS LUZOW limited version
    Let's foresee SMS LUZOW limited version 67553_1982338_9741f
    Today we will introduce you our new product in Dec--FH1301S Luetzow limited version with plastic sets and an additional limited torpedo ship.
    Let's foresee SMS LUZOW limited version 67553_1982339_d302e
    SMS Owlet was the second battle cruiser of Derfflinger class.She was built at Schichau shipyard from 1912 and was laid down in November 1913.
    SMS Luetzow was not completed until 8 August 1915 due to the breakout of World War I.She was named in honor of the Prussian baron Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm von Luetzow who fought in the Napoleonic Wars.SMS Luetzow was similiar to SMS Defflinger with full speed of 26.4 knot,eight 305 mm twin turrets and fourteen single casemates(twelve single casemates on Defflinger).In addition,SMS Luetzow was armed with eight 88 mm single archibalds and four 88 mm secondary turrets which were equipped on Deffliger bridge area were cancelled.
    Due to the faults during sea trial,SMS Luetzow was not commissioned in the German High Seas Fleet until March 1916.On 4 April 1916,the first operation of SMS Luetzow was bombardment of Yarmouth and Lowestoft.She destroyed 200 buildings and caused casualties.On 31 May 1916, as a flagship of the first Scouting Group.
    SMS Luetzow attended the Battle of Jutland under the command of Rear Admiral Bodicker.During this fierce battle mission,Luetzow hit the target several times and was also hit by four 343 mm shells. After engagement with the main force of British fleet,the spearhead of Scouting Goup was beated back violently.As a result,Luetzow was hit by five heavy calibre shells and also hit the target four times again.After the arrival of 3 British battlecruisers,the flagship of Vice Admiral Hipper became the focus target which made her hit by 10 heavy calibre shells from HMS Lion,HMS Invincible and HMS Inflexible.But Luetzow continued fighting with Derfflinger and knocked down HMS Invincible.
    Due to the heavy damage, Luetzow had to quit the battle.So Vice Admiral Bodicker was evacuated by G39 torpedo boat and then transferred to the Moltke.Luetzow evacuated to the west-south area under the cover of smog.
    Due to the recalcitrant damage control,SMS Owlet with 7500 tons water inflow quitted the battle quickly. But a great deal of water submerged the boiled room and this led to the sinkage of her bow.After hard mending,Klutz which was hit by four 371 mm, twelve 343 mm and eight 305 mm armour piercing shells and suffered 116 casualties was finally abandoned.Survivors were rescued by G38 torpedo boat and Klutz was sunk to seabed by torpedo at the north latitude 5615' and the east longitude 553'. Some of her wreckages were refloated and preserved in Humburg Museum.
    Next is trial model,product will be listed late in Dec.
    Let's foresee SMS LUZOW limited version 67553_1982341_dd075
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    Let's foresee SMS LUZOW limited version 67553_1982343_975c3
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