[flyhawk Model] Aichi D3a. Green Or White?


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    [flyhawk Model] Aichi D3a. Green Or White? Empty [flyhawk Model] Aichi D3a. Green Or White?

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    We got a lot of questions about the color of Aichi D3A on our Hermes cover illustration. Some said that this Aichi D3A should be white. Well, we asked our designer about this. He told us that he asked MR.Kinusima Shouichi, a specialist of Old Japan Navy, for advice.Here is MR.Kinusima’s replay.

    アスレタンと 護衛哨戒艇ハリホックには「蒼龍」の12機が攻撃し、すべてを沈めています。
    「明灰白色」機首は「つや消し�\」垂直尾翼に赤字で「E1-238」の記号と上に太い赤い線一本、下側に細い赤線二本が描かれ日の丸は白縁なし、胴体に白線です。また同時に攻撃に加わった「瑞鶴」機の一部に「明灰白色」の上から「濃緑 色」を塗った機体があります。

    And the translation by Translation is below:

    And we found some information from the magazine [Famous Airplanes Of The World 33](Bunrindou)page 43.

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    Here is the translation:
    This is an aircraft which had finished the battle at Solomon Islands, New Guinea and north Australia.It berthed at the staring-baai of Celebes Island in 1942, and the Air Fleet also landed at the Kendari base near by for preparation. In this 2 pictures is a D3A belongs to the aircraft carrier ”SORYU”. And this is the first picture from which we can be sure that the color of D3A is dark green and black camouflage. We can see the red design on the undercarriage cover illustration and the white frame around the plane number.

    The 2 pictures proved that the color of “SORYU”air craft is dark green by the time of February of 1942.

    Above all, 5 aircraft carriers were involved in the attack of Hermes formation during the Battle of India ocean in 1942(and Hermes is mainly attacked by the air crafts from SHOKAKU,ZUIKAKU and HIRYU).We can now be sure that most D3A from ZUIKAKU and SORYU is dark green, and different commanders had different colors(white or flecktarn).Color of other air crafts involved can’t be confirmed due to the lack of information.

    That’s why we changed the color design of Hermes cover illustration from white to dark green.

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