Combat Vehicle 90/30 / Spz2000 Swiss Army 1/35

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    Combat Vehicle 90/30 / Spz2000 Swiss Army 1/35

    Post  Rene Leuzinger on Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:08 pm

    My first Thread will be the scratch build combat vehicle CV90/30 Swiss Army

    Only Academy has a model in her Shop, but i's not the Swiss Army CV90/30.
    And now what will Builder do? He build this Tank scratch.
    The only original parts from the box are the chains an the wheels.
    All other parts are scratch build

    I use the plastic cards from Evergreen. It's not so difficult to build a Tank, if you have a real version at your Workplace Cool

    Below you can see the result of two years of building.
    Note, the model is build 1/35.


    Left Side, the tank shows the Bulldog as mascot of the 18 Tank battalion


    Right Side

    you see the combat number of this Tank. third Platoon, third Group, second Tank

    if you want to see more picture from the building process, let me now.

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