Planned Spring releases from Live-Resin


    Planned Spring releases from Live-Resin Empty Planned Spring releases from Live-Resin

    Post  Guest on Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:28 pm

    Hello everybody!
    I'm the bringer of glad tidings for all of you WWII modellers, who have been drooling over the Live-Resin products but shedding a tear or two, because it's all just new-fangled stuff. Well, you can dry your tears and start jumping up and down in anticipation - so long as your chosen subject is German (at least initially)
    No pictures available as yet, as the products are still in the design-stage, but you can look forward to:

    Early, late and Kriegsmodell (1944/45) K98. Various sniper-scopes for these will also be available.

    MP38, MP40, MG-34 (a functioning 'Lafette' as well as scopes MGZ34 and MGZ40 will be available), MG-42 moreover helmets and other equipment.

    It gets better - to test the water, so to speak, these are planned to be released in the following scales:
    1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/16, 1/9 and 1/6.

    Also available will be a 1/16 scale M4 and various Vietnam era weapons.

    The manufacturer has also hinted at 'a very big project' he is currently working on, details of which will be released later...

    Are you getting excited, yet?

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