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    Volunteer :)

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    Volunteer :) Empty Volunteer :)

    Post  Maxi_Model Sun Feb 15, 2015 5:14 pm

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm still alive for those who saw me some time ago posting in here with my tanks and I'm still working on tanks, I will be posting some of my work soon in here, I haven't posted yet because I have all my projects ready at 98% and have to finish that last bit of them.

    Anyway, this post is about something else, I have a couple of aircraft models which were given to me some time ago and since my line is tanks and not aircraft I am not capable of building them correctly. I have 2 in particular which I love to see built. I was wondering if there is anyone that volunteers to build them for me, I do not need extra special details in cockpit or any additional body details, just the parts in the kits, well built (not roughly assembled), painted and weathered.

    The aircrafts are:

    Monogram A-10 Thunderbolt II No. 5505
    F4 Phantom.

    Kindly contact me on FACEBOOK if anyone can help me on these 2 aircrafts


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