Scale Modelling Marathon - Tancred's photos



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    Scale Modelling Marathon - Tancred's photos

    Post  Tancred on Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:01 am

    Napooooooleeoon! .....Oui

    Make Web not War

    The Return of the King (taparsi)

    Nehhi il-frenza u ibda

    Say cheese

    Fingerprints on the lens

    I've got the brains you've got the brawn, let's make lots of money (Pet Shop Boys)

    Sunrise over the battlefield

    The kitchen

    The cook

    Mini van

    Mini PN

    Mini PL

    Mini quattrocchi

    Da Vinci glider

    The few exhibits were still appreciated


    The gates to heaven

    Planning the next duet

    Napoleon's pants


    Deploying the troops

    Bored game

    Let's hairbrush

    How not to mix the paint

    The profs and the teacher

    Shine on you crazy diamond


    Bald and balder

    Gather around for some more


    4-fly king size roll

    Il-maestro al-lavoro

    Night chat

    Looking busy

    A big THANK YOU to the hard-working organisers and to all the participants. It was a great event in my opinion! cheers

    "Ghamel kollox bis-serjeta', imma tiehux kollox bis-serjeta"

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    Re: Scale Modelling Marathon - Tancred's photos

    Post  Gordon on Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:06 am

    Marco wara li lesta E-2C hawkeye

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