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    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72)

    Panos Gaoutsis
    Panos Gaoutsis

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    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Empty F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72)

    Post  Panos Gaoutsis Wed Oct 08, 2014 11:29 pm

    Greetings everyone!
    My second model kit in 1/72nd scale, this time a F-16. I'll try to build the version as on title, a single seater in the colors of greek air force.
    It will be a challenge for my brushing skills as this aircraft is painted in a three color and wrap around camo.  

    The kit
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa030016
    and the scheme i am going to make
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Hellen10  

    Started the cockpit and added some detail with evegreen sheet. The kit provides parts to build a single or twin seater.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa040014

    The vertical stabiliser, made the parachute with a bit of milliput, but i was informed that the fin was wrong for the type.
    I removed the extended fin base as all greek F-16 types have it, glued it to the correct piece and added the ECM antenna on the right side.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa060012
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa080010

    I've decided to modify the air inlet and drilled the marked area, then i sanded the inside till it got thin like the front part
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa040015
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa040016

    Added a piece of styrene sheet that i first bended it with the help of hot water so as to give it a curve and finally placed the last part in order to start filling and sanding.  
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa060013
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa060014
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa080011

    I also tried a new material from citadel, liguid green stuff which is a kind of putty, on the aim-9 missiles that have a sinkmark in a tricky area. I applied it with a fine brush and after a while it seemed to be shrinking, it can be dilluted and cleaned with water.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa070012

    Thanks for your time watching. Kind regards! cheers
    Panos Gaoutsis
    Panos Gaoutsis

    Posts : 38
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    Age : 36
    Location : Corfu, Greece

    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Empty Re: F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72)

    Post  Panos Gaoutsis Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:44 am

    Hi all!

    A little bit more progress. I closed the gap behind the seat and painted cockpit, humbrol 127.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa190010
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa270110

    Next, the inside of the air intake, after finished sanding, i painted the front lip for the thin line and masked it, then i pured in the inside all the way to the top white acrylic house paint; i first made sure there were no gaps and closed one end to avoid leaks. Left it for a couple of minutes, removed excessive paint and let it drain and dry for 1 day.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pa250010
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pb040110

    Finally, i applied an enamel varnish.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pb050110

    Assembled rest of the parts, putty/sanding and some rescribing.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pb140111
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pb130111

    Made the IFF antennas in front of the windshield, navigation lights on the intake sides and a pitot tube out of a needle and some masking tape.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pb160111

    And finally started painting!
    I used humbrol paints, no 129, 140 and 145. Still have to correct some spots on the pattern and paint other details.
    I also removed horizontal fins and separately painted them, drilled holes in the join points in order to glue metal rods for the assembly.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pc010110
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pc010111
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pc010112
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pc010113

    That's all for now. Thanks for your time! cheers
    Panos Gaoutsis
    Panos Gaoutsis

    Posts : 38
    Join date : 2013-06-06
    Age : 36
    Location : Corfu, Greece

    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Empty Re: F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72)

    Post  Panos Gaoutsis Fri Jan 30, 2015 8:17 pm

    Greetings everyone and although a little bit late, happy new year!

    I finally managed after almost four months, to complete my first and hopefully not the only one, model of 2015.
    After i have painted the remaining details, sealed everything with a floor polish and applied several coats of black oil filter in order to darken the colors. The thing about the specific type of aircraft is the extensive weathering caused by the Have Glass antiradar coating to an extent that camouflage colors can hardly be distinguised and since i don't prefer heavily weathered models, i tried to do a part of it.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Pc230111

    I then applied decals, did a wash and some dry brushing
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) P1170012

    Just before the end, applied a coat of satin varnish with a couple of drops of gun metal paint and gave that metal shine the real ones seem to have.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) P1240011

    And eventually, acrylic matt varnish and loads glued.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) P1260011

    I've placed it on base, made out of air hardening clay formed in the inside of a plastic cup and after i sanded it, painted it using masking tape cut with a hobby knife blade attached to a pair of calipers.  
    And here it is. Some small details mostly antennas and vents, were needed for a correct depiction but i overall enjoyed it and it was a relaxing break from the 1/48.
    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) P1270020F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) P1270021F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) P1270022F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) P1270023

    I hope you like it! Thank you for your time! cheers
    Best in Show
    Best in Show

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    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Empty Re: F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72)

    Post  bcauchi Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:09 pm

    Lovely work but for a plane in flight mode, i would have put in the pilot. It is obviously missing from the pit. If you can remove the canopy without damaging it, you could fix this, the model would look spot on. otherwise i think you have an excellent build and painting.

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    F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72) Empty Re: F-16C Block 52 (Italeri 1/72)

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